Th1rteen R3asons Why: Paperback Vs Netflix Review

Th1rteen R3asons Why is one of my all time favorite books. It’s not a happy story. It’s not some fairy tale where everything turns out all right in the end and the princess finds her prince charming and the bullies apologize and everyone’s best friends. It’s a real story. It talks about a girl’s life, and her death. It forces us to open up our eyes and see just how cruel and cold the world really is. It makes us think. If you’re a fan of the book or a Netflix watcher or both then you’re probably aware that Netflix came out with an original series based off of the book. When I first heard that Netflix would be producing the show I was a little skeptical, but after watching a few of their other original series I was ready to give Th1rteen R3asons Why a chance, and they did not let me down. This blog post is to compare the original book to the Netflix series and to highlight some of my favorite moments in both. There will be spoilers so if you haven’t read/watched the book/show don’t read. You have been warned.

Rated TV-MA for:

  • Strong and/or crude language
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Intense sexual situations (some episodes briefly depict rape)
  • Violence (car accident scene, suicide)

To be quite honest the rating was always something I was worried about with this book. The book deals with some pretty intense stuff. Suicide, rape, a stalker/peeping tom, etc. I felt that, in order to do Hannah’s story justice it would have to be rated R, which would be a challenge since it’s built-in audience would be high school students, most of whom couldn’t get into the theatre without a parent or guardians signature. A TV-MA rating is essentially the Tv rating’s version of R. While they do show enough that you get the idea that rape and suicide take place they do a fairly good job keeping the scenes short and showing as little as possible.

Major Differences:

Let’s talk about the major changes the show made first, because they did make a few.

First of all Clay Jensen is supposed to, according to the book, listen to all of the tapes in less than 24 hours. He receives them in the afternoon when he comes home from school and drops them off at the post office before school starts the following morning. However, in the Netflix series Clay takes his time listening to the tapes. If I were to guess I would say it takes him somewhere around five days to listen to all thirteen sides.

Due to the lengthening of the timeline Clay has plenty of time where he is not listening to the tapes. He goes to school as well as the various locations Hannah mentions on the tapes. When he’s at school he often comes into contact with others on the tapes and when he does he confronts them about the tapes and what Hannah claims they had done to her. This lengthening also allows us to see another side of the story, one we didn’t see in the book. We see how Mr. and Mrs. Baker are handling Hannah death. The couple ends up suing the school and Clay’s mother, Mrs. Jensen, is the defending lawyer.

Another major change the Netflix series makes is in one of its characters and their motivation. Courtney Crimson is a very sweet and very popular girl according to book Hannah. In the book her tape exists because she invites Hannah to a party as a means of keeping up appearances, not to be Hannah’s friend. At said party Courtney spreads more rumors about Hannah. In the book it isn’t really clear why she spreads rumors, however the Netflix series makes her reasons very clear. In the Netflix series Courtney has been made into a gay character. Due to a prior incident involving both Hannah and Courtney (an incident that does take place in both the book and Netflix series) a photo has been leaked of Courtney and Hannah kissing. In an attempt to keep her secret Courtney spreads rumors about Hannah, but not at a party, at the Winter Formal.

One last, major change to the original story is actually in the way Hannah Baker commits suicide. According to the book Hannah swallows a bottle of pills and the passes out and dies in the bathtub, but in the Netflix series Hannah does die in her bathtub, but rather than swallowing pills she slits her wrists. I want to warn you that Netflix is not shy about showing this scene and it may be difficult for some to watch.

Touching reminders:

Their were parts I underlined in the book which aren’t exactly in the Netflix series, although they are paraphrased or the idea is implied. Here are some of tide quotes:

I guess that’s the point of it all. No one knows for certain how much impact they have on the lives of other people. Oftentimes, we have no clue. Yet we push it just the same.

– Cassette 4: Side A, pg. 156

You don’t know what goes on in anyone’s life but your own. And when you mess with one part of a person’s life, you’re not just messing with just that part. Unfortunately, you can’t be that precise and selective. When you mess with one part of a person’s life you’re messing with their entire life. Everything… affects everything.

– Cassette 5: Side A, pg. 201-202

The above quotes remind us of how little we really know about the lives of those around us and how we must be careful what we say and do because our words and actions have consequences.

I do think it’s good for teens and young adults to read this book and/or watch this series. I think it captures how depressed/suicidal individuals feel and act. Knowing these things raise awareness and can possibly help to prevent those who are suffering from attempting suicide.

If you or someone you know is struggling and/or contemplating suicide please visit this website for a list of warning signs and resources: Suicide Prevention Life Line or call this number 1-800-273-8255

Please, be kind to those around you. You don’t know where they’ve been or what they’re going through. Don’t be another stumbling block, but instead be the hand that helps them up, be the ray of sunshine that offers them hope.


The Summer to Remember

Working at a summer camp is one of the hardest jobs out there, but it’s also the most rewarding. Sure, performing manual labor outside, during some of the hottest months of the year for a massive pay cut was rough, but none of that mattered because I was having the time of my life.

When you first get to camp things will be awkward and strange. You’ll be sleeping in a small cabin that’s much too hot when you’re trying to sleep, and much too cold when it’s time to get up. You’ll be working early morning’s and late nights with breaks that are few and far between. When the staff is all gathered together in one spot their will be an awkward silence as everyone rakes their brains or something, anything, to say.

Don’t worry, after the first week ends and you all realize you’ve survived it together things will start to relax. Conversations will come easier and pretty soon you’ll be spending all of your free time together. You’ll plan fun trips for the weekends, have bonfires, and watch movies together. In a few short weeks you’ll go from a group of awkward college kids to one of the closest knit families this world has ever seen.

You’ll come to each other when you’re in tears because you miss your family, when you’re excited because you’ve had a life changing realization that you have to share with the world, and when you’re so tired you think everything is funny.

The hardest part will be the goodbyes. You’ll do something fun together on your last day. Maybe you’ll go out to lunch, or maybe you’ll have one last bonfire, or maybe you’ll do both. You’ll reminisce about all of the fun things you did together and all of the things you learned. You’ll bring up all of your inside jokes and laugh about them one last time. You’ll pass around cell phones where you’ll add each other’s phone numbers, snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. You’ll smile threw the tears as you hug your fellow staff members good bye because you know that once you part their is no guarantee you will see any of them again, and as you drive away, waving to those you leave behind, you will thank God for the time he gave you with these amazing people.

Thank you too all of those that I served and worshiped the Lord with last summer. I pray God will continue to guide your paths and that you will keep your eyes and ears open to the Lords will. For those of you returning to Fairwood I wish you a summer of growth in the Lord. God bless you all:

Brad, Marcella, Daniel, Emily, Emmanuel, Holden, Holly, Joel, Jordan, Lee, Noelle, Rachel, Soua, Suzanne, Vashti, Emily, Jeremiah, Jordan, Michelle, Noah, Paige, Preston, Steven, Dani, Tano, Angela, Nikki, Sofia, Jeremy, Steven, Colin, Craig, JJ, and anyone I’ve missed.

Bringing More Compassion Into The World

I’ve always wanted to adopt, just ask my mom. Never have I ever wanted to have children, and if I was ever asked, “How many kids do you want to have when you grow up, Savannah?” my answer was always, “None, I don’t want to have any kids, but I might adopt a couple.”

Well, in the last 19 years of my life this answer has remained the same. Now that I’m embarking on adulthood the desire to adopt has become stronger and I can guarantee that their will be a day when I do adopt, but that day is not today. I’m not really sure why I want to adopt. Maybe it’s the idea that having someone dependent on me will make this whole “adult” thing seem more real, or maybe it’s just a female thing. Whatever the reasons, I can’t just go and adopt a kid. I’m not really at a point in my life where I can support another human being. Let’s be honest, I’m not even at a point where I can really support myself. (Shout out to me parents for keeping me alive thus far! You’re doing a great job 👍🏻) I’m in school full time, incurring debt, and only working on the rare occasions I’m home for 7+ days straight. Like I said, I can’t even support myself, let alone a child.

The thing is, despite knowing all of this I still really want to adopt and have been thinking of ways I can still contribute positivly to a childs life without adopting. While I was home over spring break I was reminded of Compassions International, a charity my parents have donated to for years. It’s a sponsorship program where you can either choose a child from their database to sponsor or have one randomly selected for you. When you sponsor a child you pay $38 a month which helps to provide the child with basic needs. One of the neat things about this program is that you can write letters to and receive letters from the child you sponsor, as well as plan a trip threw Compassions to visit your sponsor child in the country they live in. I decided that I was going to sponsor a child of my own threw Compassions. It seemed like the perfect compromise. I may not be able to adopt, but I can give $38 a month to a child in need. I started searching threw the sight to find the child I was meant to sponsor. Each child on there needs help as much as the next but I eventually came across Regina and I knew she was the one I was meant to sponsor. Regina is a four year old from Tanzania. Her birthday is March 16th, the day I chose to sponsor her. I have just recently been given access to my online Compassions account which allows me to compose letters to Regina. I’m very excited to begin forming a relationship with this precious little girl and I hope I can be a light to her in this world that is full of darkness.

If you’re itching to adopt or foster parent but don’t have the ability at the present moment or you’ve been looking into sponsorship programs you should check out Compassions International. They’re a great company and you’ll be making a little person very happy.

My Favorite NYX Makeup Products

NYX Makeup


I absolutely love these products and I would highly recomend each and every one of them!
For starters the eye shadow pallet has some gorgeous colors, and I love using the jumbo eye pencil line my lower lash line. I feel white on your lower lash line just makes your eyes pop!
The color correcting concealer pallet is a real life saver for me. I’m prone to having a bit of undesirable redness in my t-zone as well as some dark circles that his pallet completely conceales. Another makeup problem I run into is that my eyeshadow tends to crease. The concealer pot does wonders for keeping my shadow in place.

NYX palette eyeshadow
$11 –

NYX face makeup

Nyx concealer

Play Nice! Review

Play Nice! is a one act play by Robin Rice wich focuses on the power of imagination, especialy when used by adolescence in a dificult situation. The Diamond siblings are being raised by their abusive, single mother. One night Ms. Diamond is poisoned and she is taken to the hospital. While she is away the Diamond siblings ues their imaginations to figure out what happened to their mother, and who poinsoned her.

Despite the dark atmosphere of the play and its deep message their are several fun and entertaining elements of this play. We begin the play watching the younger two Diamond siblings playing a game of make-believe, a theme that runs the entire length of the play. If you have ever watched children playing make-believe then you understand how entertaining this can be. We also meet the character Joannie Calliope. She is a homeless poet who has quite a way with words (who is also a figment of the childrens imagination). I often found myself eagerly awaiting the next scene she would be in, wondering what unique way she would use to string words together this time. I do not believe entertainment was the main goal of the playwright when she wrote this particular play, but she clearly understood that in order to have an audience to impact you have to have a show that will entertain an audience.

I believed the primary goal of the playwright was to force people to think about several thigs concerning their relationships with others, particularly the relationship between parents and children. For example, Ms. Diamond often turns to threats, which often turn into both physical and verbal abuse, as a means of discipline. She also guilt trips the children and tells them how worthless they are without her. She puts her pride and reputation before the health and happiness of her children, displaying the human conditions of pride and selfishness.

We also see an example of childish innocence and faith. Children are notorious for trusting anyone, but especially their parents. Of course, parents should be trust worthy, and we are often taught as children that our parents know what is best and that they do what they do out of love for us. In the movie Silent Hill it is said that, “Mother is god in the eyes of a child.” This quote is saying that, just as god can do no wrong, a child believes that their mother also can do no wrong. This is what young Isabel Diamond believes. We hear her defend her mother several times, and we see threw her actions that she wishes only to make her mother proud because no matter how horrible her mother may be she is still her mother.

There are several intense moments in the play that refuse to let us brush off the message of the play when we leave the theatre. When Ms. Diamond hits Isabel, when Luce describes the way his mother dropped him off across the street from a mental institution, his voice chocked with emotion. These situations touch our hearts and prompt us to be more grateful for the family we have and to think more about others. We don’t know what goes on behind closed doors or what others have experienced. Rather than thinking only about ourselves we should strive to think of others, to be courteous, and to find ways we can put them ahead of ourselves.

Personly, I am not a huge fan of plays, I am most definitly more of a musical person. However, Robin’s production, Play Nice!, was quite captivating. I enjoyed every moment of it and would encourage you to see it should the opertunity ever present itself. You can read more about the playwrite and her works here at her website.

Twas the Week Before Midterms…

Midterms are upon us, this is not a drill, I repeat this is not  drill!! Wondering how you can ace those midterms without cramming the night before or pulling a single all nighter? I got you. These are the things I do to prepare for midterms. The first section is what I consider the preventative tips, ways to prevent a bad grade on your midterm, like preventative treatment of a disease. Yes, I just compared bad grades to a disease. The second section is what I like to call damage control. Ways to catch up on studying when you’ve fallen behind without overworking yourself physically or mentally. The damage controls section also has great tips for creating a good study environment and can be used whether you’ve fallen behind in studying or not.

Preventative Study Habits:

  • Go to class.  Unless you’re to sick to leave your bed or their is a family emergency you should not be skipping class. No matter how easy the class is or how convinced you are that you don’t need to be there because you already know everything the teacher has to say, go to class.
  • Read your text book. 📚 I know people who are like, “I don’t need to read the text book, the professor literally reads out of the textbook for the lecture.” The thing is, the more you hear information, the better your brain is going to remember it, which in turn means a better grade on homework, quizzes, and exams.
  • Take notes in class from day 1. 📝Your notes should be organized in a way that you can understand what information is most important and the order in which the information goes. Taking sloppy notes that you wont understand when you study them later is kinda like not taking any notes at al.
  • Put super important info on notecards, so flashcards. For my philosophy class we had to remember which philosophers believed what and the order of philosophers. I entitled notecards with different grouping of philosophers and listed them in order, or entitled the notecard with the name of a specific philosopher and wrote important notes about that philosopher. That way to study for the exam I could go threw them and see what information I remembered and work on what I didn’t.

Damage Controle:

  • Remove all distractions.📵The best thing to do when you’ve fallen behind and realize it’s time to kick it into gear is to remove all distractions and focus your energy on the task at hand. This mean turn off cellphones, and tablets. Log out of social media and turn of Netflix.
  • Refocus your mind. I’m no Buddhist, I’m actually a professing Christian, but the practice of meditation when used the right way can be very beneficial in refocusing our mind. Create a quiet, calm space and just breath for a bit. Don’t think about your to do list or the things you didn’t get done that you wish you had. Give yourself 10-15 minutes and just relax. I like my environment to be very natural, turning off harsh lighting and opening the curtains, listening to soft music or none at all, and drinking tea. Once you feel relaxed pull out your books and begin studying. Maintaining a relaxed, quiet setting helps keep you in your relaxed state so I would recommend keeping the lights off as long as the sun is providing an adequate amount of light itself.
  • Take a break. Leave your dorm to get lunch, go for a walk to get some fresh air. Or just stop studying for a bit and read a book or watch 1 shop on Netflix. You could also pack up your study stuff and go to a coffee shop, once you’ve settled in take 20-30 min to enjoy some me time while there. Work on a blog post, do some internet shopping, or meet with a friend and talk for a bit before studying together. Whatever you do, make sure it’s something you can stop doing and study.

These are midterm study tips. I’ll be using all of these tips over the next week threw the end of the semester as I prepare for midterms next week and work to keep good study habits threw the semester in preparation for final. Good luck to you all and I hope these help. If you have any study tips leave them in the comments, I’d love to hear what tips your have for studying!


As you all know I applied to the Disney College Program for the Fall Advantage 2017 Program. I’m very excited to announce that I was accepted into the program and was extended an offer to work Quick Service Food and Beverage during the Fall Advantage 2017 Program. 

My acceptance story: I got the email at 10:17 a.m. on February 15th. I was in my philosophy class at the time and, knowing there had been waves happening the past few days it was rather difficult for me to focus. After class I was making my way to my tap class when I decided to check my email. I saw an email from the Disney Recruters and the subject line said: Congratulations! I knew what it was, quickly opened and read over the email to make sure it was legit, and couldn’t stop smiling for my whole class. At lunch I was finally able to read my offer letter during my lunch break to find out my role, but was unable to call my parents and let them know the good news until later that evening. Here is the timeline of my application process:

  • Applied: 1/23/17
  • WBI: 1/23/17
  • Phone Interview: 1/29/17
  • Accepted: 2/15/17
  • Audition date: 3/3/17
  • Arrival date: 6/5/17

I’m honored to have this opertunity and am blown away that I was even accepted into the program, primarily because it is my first time applying and I’ve heard so many people don’t get in until at least their second, if not third or even fourth time applying. If you haven’t applied yet and are planning on it in either the near or distant future I have several posts on the specific parts of the DCP application process, please, check them out! If you have any questions feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to answers them as soon as possible. Until next time, ttfn, ta ta for now!

Disney College Program: WBI

Congratulations! You’ve applied for the Disney College Program! After applying you probably got an email that looked a lot like this:

At some point after your initial application has been reviewed (this could be hours🙂, days😕, weeks🙁, or even months later😭, I know, it’s a struggle) you will either recieve an email thanking you for your interest but denying you a position, or you’ll recieve an email inviting you on to the next step in the application process, the Web Based Interview, like this one:

If this is the email you received, then congratulations! Your on to the next step in the application process! If you haven’t received this email yet, but are still in “submission” (the stage between applying and the WBI) don’t fret, your time will come soon enough, have faith, we’re all sending pixi dust your way!!And for those of you who are no longer in consideration (NLIC) it’s ok, theirs always next time, keep in mind, it doesn’t mean you weren’t good enough, you just weren’t what Disney was looking for this time. This is a lesson I’ve had to learn the hard way quite a few times threw theatre auditions. In this post I’m gonna talk a bit about the Web Based Interview and hopefully give you some tips to help you keep your cool and successfully pass onto the next step.

  • First off there are three sections to the interview. The first and third  sections are primarily geared towards your personality in the work environment. The second section, which is half the size of either of the other two, is more about your personality in a living environment. 
  • Second of all the entire interview is timed. You are given a total of 40 minutes to complete the interview, but it will only take about 20.
  • Also, each individual question is timed. Each section of questions has a different time limit for the questions. Before each section begins you will be informed of the time limit. Generally speaking the first and third sections are at 50 or so seconds per question while the second is about 30.
  • The answers format is a scale strongly disagree – disagree -neutral – agree – strongly agree ~or~ strongly unlike me – unlike me – neutral- like me – strongly like me (not this exact wording but you get the idea).
  • You are going to want to put mostly strong answered and like zero neutral answered. Disney is looking for people who have an opinion and who are going to stick by it.
  • Use common sense. A lot of these questions clearly have a right and a wrong answer. Now, be honest because if you lie about a serious personality trait and Disney accepts you they will find out you like and you could get termed. 

Some example questions are:

  • I am a messy person.

strongly disagree – disagree – neutral – agee – strongly agree 

  • I am always on time to work.

strongly disagree – disagree – neutral- agree – strongly agree

  • I feel terrible when I am late.

strongly disagree – disagree – neutral – agree – strongly agree

So there you have it. This is the advise I have for you on the Disney College program WBI. The only other advise I can give you is to relax. Brew some tea or coffee before you sit down, remove all distraction so that you can really focus on the interview, and take the time to refocus before starting each new section. 

One last thing, read each question carefully. They may reword previously asked question to see how consistent you are.

That’s officially it. Good luck to those of you taking your WBI and may the force be with you!

Mornings In College

The classic steriotype for college students is that they stay up all night craming for a test they have and then they bairly get up earliey enough to make it to the test. 

I can admit that their were quite a few times last semester where I refused to get out of bed until I absolutly had to, and that usually left me just enough time to put something that wasn’t pajamas on and run out the door praying that I had everything I needed in my back pack. Now, I never pulled an all nighter, but I also didn’t go to bed as early as I would have liked, thus the desire to sleep in. While I love snuggling in the blankets as long as possible, I was much more productive on the days where I went to bed at a descent time the previous night, and woke up earlier so that I had a decent amout of time before my first class. So this semester I created a schedule that I plan to stick to in hopes to make the most of my days and do the best I possibly can in my classes. So here are my thoughts on the perfect morning routine for a college student:

  1. As a Christian my first order of business is my daily devotions. I’m currently making my way threw Psalms. I use a Bible app on my phone, which also happens to be my alarm clock so I start reading as soon as I open my eyes and turn off my alarm. This is the best way for me, personally, to gaurente that I get my devos in.
  2. My second order of business is to get ready to leave my dorm and head over to the academic buildings. After finding an outfit that will work for all of my classes, (as a theatre major I have a l dance and acting classes that require clothing appropriate for the active) I check that everything I need is in my backpack, which I usually have packed the night before. Check out this post to see my list of back pack necessities. 🎒
  3. After I’ve determined that I have everything I might need I head over to the Commons for breakfast. (Or if I’m feeling lazy/anti social I make oatmeal in my dorm.😉)
  4. Then, once I’ve finished breakfast I’m either practicing my voice and piano songs or I’m looking over my notes before I go to my first class of the day.

This is how I get a jumpstart on my productivity in the mornings. I find that if I go to bed at a descent time, get a full 8 hours of sleep, and start being productive right away it has a positive effect on my productivity levels for the rest of the day. One last tip I have: I keep my schedule very similar over the weekend. This makes Monday’s a whole lot less painful. On the weekends I typicaly eat breakfast in my dorm and use the day to work on papers, do laundry and cleaning, and force myself to take a break and have some fun that doesn’t involve Netflix. Currently this means reading threw an escitology study, painting, or reading the work of Victor Hugo and Walt Whitman. However, Netflix does eventually make its way into my day. 😏 💻

Surviving College When You’re Sick.

So you’ve caught the dreaded “common cold.” 😷 Being sick in general sucks, but being sick in college, where your mom can’t pull you out of class or make you chicken noodle soup is quite possibly the worst. Especially if attendance effects your grade. During my entire first semester of college I was blessed to not catch any of the illnesses that were spreading threw out campus, however this semester I have already caught that achy, stuffy cold where your this mix of too hot and too cold all. the. time. There are a few tips I can give you for surviving any bout of illness you may fall into.

  1. Healthy eating is vital. 🍎🍊🍌🍓As they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.
  2. Drink chicken broth. 🐔 I don’t currently have any 😞 but if I did I would be having that all the freaking time. Did you know theirs actually something in chicken broth that helps to prevent and combat the flu? Cool right!
  3. Drink tea and water! 💧☕️ Water is great to keep you hydrated, and tea is great when you’re sick of the tasteless, clear liquid known as water.
  4. Relax! Overworking yourself when you’re body is fighting an illness is never a good idea. Netflix and chill with yourself. Take some you time and bing watch your favorite show, don’t push yourself beyond your limits. The more stress you put on yourself the longer it will take you to get better.
  5. Take meds if needed. 💊 I’m one of those people that likes to not take medicine and complain about how miserable I am. However, in the past few years I’ve begun to break down and take meds because it make myself and everyone I’m around happier.

This is how I have been surviving my first time being sick without my mother around, I hope you find these tips to be useful and am sending you all healthy vibes.