Bring All The Things!

Ok, maybe not all the things. Seriously, you’re going to read a ton of these posts and lists telling you what you should and shouldn’t bring with you to college. Then you’re going to get a list of things that aren’t allowed in our dorm to begin with. These are five things I know you will need.

  1. A Mini Fridge
    Bring the biggest one you’re allowed to bring and check with your school to see how many you’re permitted to have in your dorm. If you can have to then you and your roommate should both bring one. My first semester my roommate brought her mini fridge and I didn’t bring one. Half way threw the semester I began wishing I had one of my own. I was getting sick of the cafeteria food, but I didn’t have room in the fridge for much more than a water bottle and coffee creamer.
  2. A Keurig Machine
    Don’t bother with the drip coffee machine. The Keurig is great because it brews one cup at a time so if you don’t finish your coffee you aren’t waiting a whole pot. It’s also nice for those times you want a hot drink but you don’t want all the caffein that comes with coffee. Their are so many awesome options for drinks you can make with a Keurig that sometimes it’s hard to decide. I like tea, hot cocoa, and coffee, but my roommate has several boxes of apple cider.
  3. An Egg Crate Mattress Topper
    I didn’t think I would need this, but after working an entire summer at a summer camp, sleeping on their camp mattresses and waking up with a crick in my next every morning I knew that I would need one for college. Trust me, you don’t want to wake up with a crick in your neck the morning of your hardest final.
  4. A Mini Stapler
    If you are turning in hard copies of your papers and assignments then they will request that you staple them together. In fact, they may even require that they be stapled together.
  5. An Abundance of School Supplies
    You can never have too many pens, pencils, or notecards.

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