Moana Review *Spoiler Alert*

The other night my sisters and I decided to go and see Moana, Disney’s newest princess movie. I have to be honest, I was a little skeptical. I had heard a lot about it, all good things, but things I had heard about every Disney movie. The music was amazing, the story was cute, blah blah blah. I had even heard some say it was better than Frozen. Like, is that even possible? Well, after two failed attempts to see the movie, I was finally going to find out.

Like I said, I had heard a lot of great thinks about Moana, but I wasn’t convinced it was going to be that great of a movie. I thought it’d be cute and give me the warm fuzzes that every Disney movie gave me, but I didn’t think it’d be anything to write home about. Mainly because the last several movies Disney has come out with (Frozen, Zootopia, The Good Dinosaur, etc.) have all received rave reviews despite the fact that some of them weren’t really all that great. (The Good Dinosaur was flop of a movie, in my humble opinion.) One of the things that gave me hope was actually the fact that, despite the fact that the movie had come out November 23, 2016, the showings were still selling out in late December. My sisters and I had tried to see it the Tuesday before New years, and again the Tuesday after. Both times all showing were either sold out or had very limited seating. We were finally able to see it the second Thursday of January, and even then the theatre was over half full.

Once we got to the theatre we sealed into our seats and as the movie began I slowly but surly fell in love with Moana. Everyone was right, the music was fabulous, the characters were great, their were no slow parts, and it wasn’t to preachy. Ok, here it is *SPOILER ALERT!* At the beginning of the movie we see a young Moana learning about the legends of her people. As the movie continues we learn that these legends are he true history of her tribe and the one thing she wants most, the one thing she isn’t allowed to do, to sail beyond the reef, may be exactly what needs to be done, and she is exactly the person who needs to do it. After receiving the blessing of her grandmother to sneak away on a hidden boat against her fathers wishes, she leaves with her trusty sidekick Heihei the Chicken to find Maui, a conceited demigod (what demigod isn’t conceited?), so that he can return a stone he had stolen long before Moana had ever been born. The movie is filled with lots of funny moments, along with several high action scenes, and a few heart felt moments. Although I am a sucker for anything romantic I wasn’t to disappointed that Moana didn’t have a hot surfer dude love interest (maybe in a sequel? Jk). Instead, the movie traded out the romance for a very deep and meaningful moral. Your magical fishhook does not define you, or what every item/talent/skill you place your self worth in. You are so many wonderful and intricate pieces stitched together to make one, beautiful human being. Don’t think any less of yourself because your magic fishhook breaks or your dad won’t let you go sailing.


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