Should You Minor in Dance?

So you’re majoring in musical theatre (or maybe you’re not). While everyone else is looking into minors to go with their bachelors degree you’re considering a dance minor. Others ask how that’s going to help you in the “real work” and some even laugh when you voice that you’ve been thinking of minoring in dance. Now you’re reading my blog post and thinking, “great, one more person here to tell me a dance minor is impractical.” Well, good news, I will fully support your decision to minor in dance. In fact, her are a few reasons why you should minor in dance, regardless of your major.

  1. It’s a stress reliever. Most dance classes last an hour to an hour and a half. They meet twice a week, and they’re one to two credits. They also require very little study time. If you’re having difficulty with a step you may want to spend a little time working on it outside of class, but for the most part you learn everything you need to in class. I received an A in my first jazz class without any practice outside of the classroom, and I looked forward to the class. As long as you put effort into the class and show improvement you should be fine.
  2. It’s fun. Yeah, thats right, I said it’s fun. I suppose if you really were born with two left feet and no sense of rhythm it would be less enjoyable, but most people can keep a beat well enough, and as long as you aren’t stuck with a teacher who’s spent years studying and dancing in a very prestigious dance company the class should be filled with fun music and high energy.
  3. For all of you musical theatre majors out there, it’s useful. If you’re a musical theatre major a dance minor will actually apply to your degree. Musical theatre actors and actresses are known as triple threats. This means they can sing, act, and dance. Yes, they can dance, and they should be able to dance well. I chose to tack on a dance minor because I haven’t had much dance experience prior to college. Seeing as I want to be a triple threat I thought the extra classes would do me good. However, I would say that anyone who wants to be a musical theatre performer could benefit from a dance minor.

So these are my three reasons why I fully support a dance minor no matter what your major is. Why did you choose to minor in dance, and what major did you pair it with?


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