Waiting for Apps to Drop…

The first time I ever went to Disney World was when I was sixteen. On the flight down we happened to meet someone who was flying down for their DCP (Disney College Program). When I heard there was a DCP I knew I had to find out more. During any downtime we had (which wasn’t much) I was online searching for any information on the program I could find. By the time we boarded the plane to come home I knew everything I possibly could about the program. It’s now been six years since I learned about the program and I am eagerly awaiting the Fall 2017 applications to drop. Sometime during the last week of the fall 2016 semester I received an email from the DCP recruiters informing me that applications for the fall 2017 program would be dropping sometime during the month of January. Apps for the culinary students have dropped already and spring 2017 program participants have begun to arrive so any day know I should receive an email informing me that the applications are open and I am free to apply.

So far I know what job positions are available for the college program participants and, thankfully, the application is for all positions. Based on my research it looks like they list all of the positions on the application and you check which ones you are most interested, somewhat interested in, and not at all interested in. I personally am planning on saying I am highly interested in most positions (housekeeping, character attendant, etc.) and somewhat interested in positions like custodial. The only position I will reject is lifeguard, but this is only because I know I could not pass the swim test and I would not be able to hand an emergency situation well at all. As a musical theatre major I am hoping to be placed in a position in the entertainment department so that I can gain experience in the field I am majoring in.

After applications have dropped I hope to keep you all abreast on the process and my progress. Fingers crossed I’m accepted.


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