Preparing for College as a Christian

There are a few things one can do as a Christian to prepare themselves before entering into the lion’s den that is more popularly known as college.

  1. Find a study geared towards christian college student and read threw it with a friend who is also going into college, or read threw it with a friend who’s already been threw a year or two. I read threw How to Stay Christian in College with my friend during our senior year of high school. It’s a fantastic book that is well written and extremely encouraging.
  2. Work at a Christian Summer Camp. Doesn’t matter what your position is your summer will be filled with Christ. After spending a summer surrounded by the people of God and receiving his word on a daily bases you will have created a firm foundation of faith that you can continue to build upon in your personal life and threw various christian organizations on your college campus. For anyone living in the midwest I would suggest working at Camp Fairwood. Applications can be found here.
  3. Make devos a part of your daily routine. If devos aren’t already a part of your daily routine now is the time to make that happen. Before the late nights studying, before the morning where you barley get up in time for class, make it a priority now, before you feel like you don’t have time. Make time now, so that later they aren’t something you need to make time for, rather make them something you look forward to.

I hope this helps you as you prepare for your freshman year of college, or as you get ready to return as an upperclassman or graduate student. How have you prepared you heart for college?


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