My DCP Application Process So Far…

Disney College Program applications dropped just two days ago on the 23rd of January. How exciting is this? Now that they’ve dropped and I’ve actually, physically began the application process I’m going to begin documenting it here so you guys can get some sort of idea as to how the process works so that you aren’t going into it blind whe/if you apply. This post is an overview of everything that’s happened since I applied.

I personally have read many blog posts and watched plenty of videos about the application process and many of them have me some insight o was really grateful for. One thing they told me was that Disney email survive can run a bit behind, which is understandable because they’re probably reviving and sending more emails Ina day then most people do in a lifetime, but this means that they may send out the notification email that the apps are open several days after the fact. If you’re hoping to be one of the first people to submit an app then your going to want to kee and eye out on there Facebook page, which is much more timely with app updates, and the website itself. I found out the day apps dropped threw there Facebook site, and didn’t recover the email until the next day. I know one day doesn’t seem like a big deal, but the sooner you apply the better your chances are of getting in.

I found out about the apps around 12 pm during my one and only break between classes. Rather than rushing to fill out the application I wrote a reminder in a notebook and filled it out when I get back to my dorm that evening. The application itself  didn’t take that long at all and was not at all complicated. Several CP alumni have said that they received an invitation to take the web based interview with an hour of submitting their application, so for the next hour I was sitting on pins and needles hoping to receive an email, and about an hour late I did. Of course at that time I was in the middle of homework, so I decided to brew some coffee, finish my homework, and take the web based interview, because their was no way I was sleeping knowing that I could take it. Immediately following your completion of the interview your are brought to one of two pages one says “you have been selected for a phone interview” and the the days “thank you for applying, but you are not a good fit at this time” or doe thing like that. I was invited to take a phone interview and have scheduled mine for Sunday at 2pm. I’ll post more detailed posts about the individual steps in the application process later, and will update you all on the phone interview next week. On a side not, I may be adding a video aspect to my blog, maybe a once a week video post? I’m not sure yet, but keep an eye our! Have a good week guys and keep chasing your dreams.


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