I’m A Coffee Addict

There, I said it, but they say the first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem… except I don’t think it’s a problem, and I most certanly do not want to recover from my coffee addiction if I am, in fact, addicted.

I suppose I was doomed to fall in love with this tiny, magical bean given the family history I have. From as far back as I can remember coffee was something you woke up to and enjoyed in the midafternoon when you took a break from what ever it is you’ve been doing so that you could reconect with family and/or friends. Coffee was, and is, something that brings people together. An excuse to reconnect with someone you haven’t seen in a while, or to regularly meet with a good friend. Coffee is also one of those things that is great paired with a good book, tv show, or movie, and it’s fantastic when paired witih early morning or late night study sessions. I can not tell you how greatful I was for coffee this past semester.

Putting all of the above aside, coffee also has some great health benafits. Here are just a few:

  1. Coffee contains a lot of important vitamins and minirals.
  2. Studies have shown that coffee lowers the risk of type II diabeties.
  3. Studies also show that coffee protects against Alzheimers and Dementia, as well as lowers the risk of Parkinsons.
  4. And finally, coffee can fight depression.

These are just a few of the awesome health benefits of coffee. Thanks to Authority Nutrition for this awesome list, follow the link to find out more.


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