Disney College Program: WBI

Congratulations! You’ve applied for the Disney College Program! After applying you probably got an email that looked a lot like this:

At some point after your initial application has been reviewed (this could be hours🙂, days😕, weeks🙁, or even months later😭, I know, it’s a struggle) you will either recieve an email thanking you for your interest but denying you a position, or you’ll recieve an email inviting you on to the next step in the application process, the Web Based Interview, like this one:

If this is the email you received, then congratulations! Your on to the next step in the application process! If you haven’t received this email yet, but are still in “submission” (the stage between applying and the WBI) don’t fret, your time will come soon enough, have faith, we’re all sending pixi dust your way!!And for those of you who are no longer in consideration (NLIC) it’s ok, theirs always next time, keep in mind, it doesn’t mean you weren’t good enough, you just weren’t what Disney was looking for this time. This is a lesson I’ve had to learn the hard way quite a few times threw theatre auditions. In this post I’m gonna talk a bit about the Web Based Interview and hopefully give you some tips to help you keep your cool and successfully pass onto the next step.

  • First off there are three sections to the interview. The first and third  sections are primarily geared towards your personality in the work environment. The second section, which is half the size of either of the other two, is more about your personality in a living environment. 
  • Second of all the entire interview is timed. You are given a total of 40 minutes to complete the interview, but it will only take about 20.
  • Also, each individual question is timed. Each section of questions has a different time limit for the questions. Before each section begins you will be informed of the time limit. Generally speaking the first and third sections are at 50 or so seconds per question while the second is about 30.
  • The answers format is a scale strongly disagree – disagree -neutral – agree – strongly agree ~or~ strongly unlike me – unlike me – neutral- like me – strongly like me (not this exact wording but you get the idea).
  • You are going to want to put mostly strong answered and like zero neutral answered. Disney is looking for people who have an opinion and who are going to stick by it.
  • Use common sense. A lot of these questions clearly have a right and a wrong answer. Now, be honest because if you lie about a serious personality trait and Disney accepts you they will find out you like and you could get termed. 

Some example questions are:

  • I am a messy person.

strongly disagree – disagree – neutral – agee – strongly agree 

  • I am always on time to work.

strongly disagree – disagree – neutral- agree – strongly agree

  • I feel terrible when I am late.

strongly disagree – disagree – neutral – agree – strongly agree

So there you have it. This is the advise I have for you on the Disney College program WBI. The only other advise I can give you is to relax. Brew some tea or coffee before you sit down, remove all distraction so that you can really focus on the interview, and take the time to refocus before starting each new section. 

One last thing, read each question carefully. They may reword previously asked question to see how consistent you are.

That’s officially it. Good luck to those of you taking your WBI and may the force be with you!


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