As you all know I applied to the Disney College Program for the Fall Advantage 2017 Program. I’m very excited to announce that I was accepted into the program and was extended an offer to work Quick Service Food and Beverage during the Fall Advantage 2017 Program. 

My acceptance story: I got the email at 10:17 a.m. on February 15th. I was in my philosophy class at the time and, knowing there had been waves happening the past few days it was rather difficult for me to focus. After class I was making my way to my tap class when I decided to check my email. I saw an email from the Disney Recruters and the subject line said: Congratulations! I knew what it was, quickly opened and read over the email to make sure it was legit, and couldn’t stop smiling for my whole class. At lunch I was finally able to read my offer letter during my lunch break to find out my role, but was unable to call my parents and let them know the good news until later that evening. Here is the timeline of my application process:

  • Applied: 1/23/17
  • WBI: 1/23/17
  • Phone Interview: 1/29/17
  • Accepted: 2/15/17
  • Audition date: 3/3/17
  • Arrival date: 6/5/17

I’m honored to have this opertunity and am blown away that I was even accepted into the program, primarily because it is my first time applying and I’ve heard so many people don’t get in until at least their second, if not third or even fourth time applying. If you haven’t applied yet and are planning on it in either the near or distant future I have several posts on the specific parts of the DCP application process, please, check them out! If you have any questions feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to answers them as soon as possible. Until next time, ttfn, ta ta for now!


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