Twas the Week Before Midterms…

Midterms are upon us, this is not a drill, I repeat this is not  drill!! Wondering how you can ace those midterms without cramming the night before or pulling a single all nighter? I got you. These are the things I do to prepare for midterms. The first section is what I consider the preventative tips, ways to prevent a bad grade on your midterm, like preventative treatment of a disease. Yes, I just compared bad grades to a disease. The second section is what I like to call damage control. Ways to catch up on studying when you’ve fallen behind without overworking yourself physically or mentally. The damage controls section also has great tips for creating a good study environment and can be used whether you’ve fallen behind in studying or not.

Preventative Study Habits:

  • Go to class.  Unless you’re to sick to leave your bed or their is a family emergency you should not be skipping class. No matter how easy the class is or how convinced you are that you don’t need to be there because you already know everything the teacher has to say, go to class.
  • Read your text book. 📚 I know people who are like, “I don’t need to read the text book, the professor literally reads out of the textbook for the lecture.” The thing is, the more you hear information, the better your brain is going to remember it, which in turn means a better grade on homework, quizzes, and exams.
  • Take notes in class from day 1. 📝Your notes should be organized in a way that you can understand what information is most important and the order in which the information goes. Taking sloppy notes that you wont understand when you study them later is kinda like not taking any notes at al.
  • Put super important info on notecards, so flashcards. For my philosophy class we had to remember which philosophers believed what and the order of philosophers. I entitled notecards with different grouping of philosophers and listed them in order, or entitled the notecard with the name of a specific philosopher and wrote important notes about that philosopher. That way to study for the exam I could go threw them and see what information I remembered and work on what I didn’t.

Damage Controle:

  • Remove all distractions.📵The best thing to do when you’ve fallen behind and realize it’s time to kick it into gear is to remove all distractions and focus your energy on the task at hand. This mean turn off cellphones, and tablets. Log out of social media and turn of Netflix.
  • Refocus your mind. I’m no Buddhist, I’m actually a professing Christian, but the practice of meditation when used the right way can be very beneficial in refocusing our mind. Create a quiet, calm space and just breath for a bit. Don’t think about your to do list or the things you didn’t get done that you wish you had. Give yourself 10-15 minutes and just relax. I like my environment to be very natural, turning off harsh lighting and opening the curtains, listening to soft music or none at all, and drinking tea. Once you feel relaxed pull out your books and begin studying. Maintaining a relaxed, quiet setting helps keep you in your relaxed state so I would recommend keeping the lights off as long as the sun is providing an adequate amount of light itself.
  • Take a break. Leave your dorm to get lunch, go for a walk to get some fresh air. Or just stop studying for a bit and read a book or watch 1 shop on Netflix. You could also pack up your study stuff and go to a coffee shop, once you’ve settled in take 20-30 min to enjoy some me time while there. Work on a blog post, do some internet shopping, or meet with a friend and talk for a bit before studying together. Whatever you do, make sure it’s something you can stop doing and study.

These are midterm study tips. I’ll be using all of these tips over the next week threw the end of the semester as I prepare for midterms next week and work to keep good study habits threw the semester in preparation for final. Good luck to you all and I hope these help. If you have any study tips leave them in the comments, I’d love to hear what tips your have for studying!


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