The Summer to Remember

Working at a summer camp is one of the hardest jobs out there, but it’s also the most rewarding. Sure, performing manual labor outside, during some of the hottest months of the year for a massive pay cut was rough, but none of that mattered because I was having the time of my life.

When you first get to camp things will be awkward and strange. You’ll be sleeping in a small cabin that’s much too hot when you’re trying to sleep, and much too cold when it’s time to get up. You’ll be working early morning’s and late nights with breaks that are few and far between. When the staff is all gathered together in one spot their will be an awkward silence as everyone rakes their brains or something, anything, to say.

Don’t worry, after the first week ends and you all realize you’ve survived it together things will start to relax. Conversations will come easier and pretty soon you’ll be spending all of your free time together. You’ll plan fun trips for the weekends, have bonfires, and watch movies together. In a few short weeks you’ll go from a group of awkward college kids to one of the closest knit families this world has ever seen.

You’ll come to each other when you’re in tears because you miss your family, when you’re excited because you’ve had a life changing realization that you have to share with the world, and when you’re so tired you think everything is funny.

The hardest part will be the goodbyes. You’ll do something fun together on your last day. Maybe you’ll go out to lunch, or maybe you’ll have one last bonfire, or maybe you’ll do both. You’ll reminisce about all of the fun things you did together and all of the things you learned. You’ll bring up all of your inside jokes and laugh about them one last time. You’ll pass around cell phones where you’ll add each other’s phone numbers, snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. You’ll smile threw the tears as you hug your fellow staff members good bye because you know that once you part their is no guarantee you will see any of them again, and as you drive away, waving to those you leave behind, you will thank God for the time he gave you with these amazing people.

Thank you too all of those that I served and worshiped the Lord with last summer. I pray God will continue to guide your paths and that you will keep your eyes and ears open to the Lords will. For those of you returning to Fairwood I wish you a summer of growth in the Lord. God bless you all:

Brad, Marcella, Daniel, Emily, Emmanuel, Holden, Holly, Joel, Jordan, Lee, Noelle, Rachel, Soua, Suzanne, Vashti, Emily, Jeremiah, Jordan, Michelle, Noah, Paige, Preston, Steven, Dani, Tano, Angela, Nikki, Sofia, Jeremy, Steven, Colin, Craig, JJ, and anyone I’ve missed.


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